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Frequently asked questions.

Bespoke eternity and engagement rings are important to get exactly right, so in this section we try to cover some of the main queries you might have before you contact us to arrange an in person or online consultation for your exclusive, hand-made jewellery.

How long will it take to make?

From the moment we have finalised the design a typical engagement ring or eternity ring takes about two weeks to complete. More complicated designs can take a little longer.

How do you do the design? We are traditionalists and use a pen and paper but our bespoke engagement ring designs can also be created using a computer aided design program.
When and how do I pay for my bespoke jewellery? When the finalised design is started in the workshop a 50% deposit is charged with the balance due on completion and delivery. Rumour accepts credit/debit cards, cheques & bank transfers.
What if the ring doesn't fit or I am unhappy with something? We design and create fine bespoke jewellery so we are always happy to make it perfect for you and will always correct anything that is not 100% perfect as soon as possible.
Where do the precious and semi-precious stones come from? Rumour has very extensive sources all over the world for all types of stones. Our diamonds are from the offical exchange and certified as "non-conflict". To be sure that the stone is not a "Blood Diamond" it needs to have an extensive history recorded and regulated.
Who does the jewellery design work? Design work is carried out in-house with occasional expert advice from our array of top industry professionals. You the ultimate 'designer-in-chief' as it is your bespoke jewellery. Our aim is to provide you with as much advice and skill as your exclusive design requires.
Does Rumour have a shop? Rumour deliberately has no shop-front in order to minimise overheads and therefore the cost to clients. Just come to Hattopn Garden for a cup of coffee and a consultation. Ever since we launched Rumour in 2001 our policy has been to make the best jewellery at the best price.
Which finger do I wear my wedding and engagement rings on? The engagement ring and wedding ring are worn on the third finger (ring finger or digitus medicinalis) of the left hand, as through it runs the vena amoris directly to the heart. Some northern and eastern european countries wear their wedding rings on their right hands.
Does Rumour make jewellery for anyone else? Rumour's designs are exclusively for Rumour's clients. We only make bespoke designs 'to your order', not for a jewellery shop somewhere else. It is quite unlikely that you will see your exact ring on another finger!
Why are you called Rumour of all things? We wanted a name that encapsulated the nature of getting engaged. It is a personal and secret process that requires discretion and professionalism on our part.
When did Rumour start? Rumour Jewellery began in 2001. The founders worked in the industry for many years before either as trained jewellers or designers.
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Handmade bespoke engagement rings & eternity rings. Rumour Jewellery is online & in London to design your own engagement ring. Creating bespoke, custom wedding rings and precious diamond & sapphire jewellery of the highest quality. A unique jewellery service for your special engagement or wedding plans... direct, discreet and professional.
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